Jojo Siwa Jokes About Being Pregnant on Instagram

Jojo Siwa Jokes About Being Pregnant on Instagram

We can say with certainty that JoJo Siwa is not expecting a child in 2023, but she undoubtedly is a funny woman who knows how to amuse her fans; this time, she did so with a “food baby” announcement. The American dancer has been linked to pregnancy rumors before.

This previously occurred on TikTok when erroneous allegations began to spread, forcing the star to refute them on her own. This time, though, the misconception is brought on by Jojo’s Instagram belly rather than fake videos or social media posts, which aren’t related to a baby or pregnancy.

Jojo Siwa Jokes About Being Pregnant on Instagram

The 19-year-old has no remorse about her love of eating. JoJo exposed her protruding stomach in a collage she shared on her Instagram account. The photo shows her lying on her back with one of her hands placed below her stomach, along with the caption: “Team BOY or Team GIRL.”

Yet, a sticker reads “Food Baby” right next to that. The other photo in the collage depicts her toned stomach and appears to have been taken in the gym following a workout. JoJo can’t possibly be expecting. She understands how to love food and maintain a fit body.

Jojo Siwa Jokes About Being Pregnant on Instagram
Jojo Siwa Jokes About Being Pregnant on Instagram

Fans think she is having a baby in 2023. According to the confusion that has swept social media, many of her admirers were unaware that JoJo Siwa was making light of the situation in her Instagram post. In 2023, they immediately went to Twitter to check if she was expecting.

One report on Twitter:

“Is Jojo Siwa actually pregnant or is it fake.”

Asked another

“No way! Who got JoJo pregnant in 2023?” 

Wrote a third fan on Twitter:

“Please tell me JoJo Siwa ain’t pregnant. I hope that post was fake.”

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Dancer reacted to pregnancy announcement rumors last year. There was no truth to a rumor that went viral on TikTok a few months ago that the artist had shared a photo of a positive pregnancy test as part of the Krissed trend. She went on the stage alone to end the rumor after it caught on like wildfire.

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