Melanie Olmstead Obituary

Melanie Olmstead Obituary: When Did a Member of the Yellowstone Crew Die?

We regret to inform you of the passing of Melanie Olmstead, a member of the Yellowstone crew. Her passing had a profound impact on the neighbourhood and Yellowstone enthusiasts. You will find all the information about her demise on this page.

When Did Melanie Olmstead Die?

Melanie Olmstead, who was working on season 3, died on May 25, 2019, at the age of fifty. After her death, Fran Pruyn shared a post on Facebook and wrote:

“Our beautiful Melanie Olmstead passed away. I cannot express how much we will miss her. Ride on silver girl. And rest peacefully.”

While her official cause of death was never disclosed to the public, some news outlets said she died of complications related to her disease; however, this has not been officially confirmed. When news of Melanie’s passing reached the show’s cast, they were shocked. She was an essential team player.

She received recognition in the form of a title card with her name on it in the second season teaser. Though she was involved in the production of several popular titles and projects, Melanie worked backstage.

Everyone who knew Olmstead, a loving wife and mother of three, will mourn her dearly. She affected a great number of lives and was a close friend to many.

What Work Did Melanie Olmstead Do in Her Life?

Melanie Olmstead Obituary
Melanie Olmstead Obituary

Melanie Olmstead was born in 1968 and raised by Janet Corbridge and Reid Howard, her adoptive parents. In particular, she developed a deep affection for horses while growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah. When Olmstead wasn’t working, she enjoyed hanging out with her friends and her horses.

Olmstead wrote on Facebook:

“My love affair with horses started about the time I learned to walk, but I didn’t get my first “just mine” horse until I was an adult.” 

Melanie Olmstead worked as a crew member on the Paramount Network series Yellowstone. Despite not being in the show, she managed the transportation and location. The event offered an incredible setting for the cinematography, to which Melanie contributed significantly.

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She was in charge of choosing locations and transferring the supplies, animals, and performers. Melanie came from Salt Lake City, Utah, and worked as an actress, transport manager, and business owner.

Melanie worked as a crew worker on movies and television series, including Primary Suspect, John Carter, Benji: Off the Leash, and Point Break. She was well-known for providing dependable transportation for multiple movies.

This much information about Melanie Olmstead’s passing is currently accessible. We send our sympathies to her friends and family. In the box below, you can express your care for her family as well.

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