Relocation Of A Family Displaced By An Automobile Accident

Relocation Of A Family Displaced By An Automobile Accident In Gwinnett County

Georgia’s GWINNETT County — A Gwinnett family relocating there less than a week after they feared losing it after a car crashed into it. The family found out they didn’t have to pay a cent for the repairs while Matt Johnson, the Gwinnett County Bureau Chief for Channel 2, was in Buford.

The Morales family’s mobile home had a hole in it five days prior, and they were concerned that they would never be able to afford to move back in. After little kindness and prayer, their home now sparkles like new.

Everyone’s support is appreciated, Daniel Morales stated. On Wednesday, the crew from Big House Construction intervened to begin reconstructing the family’s Buford house.

Relocation Of A Family Displaced By An Automobile Accident
                     Relocation Of A Family Displaced By An Automobile Accident

According to Gwinnett County authorities, a neighbor crashed into their house on Sunday night, killing himself and causing damage to their residence.

According to Morales,

“We thought it was an earthquake because everything was moving,” 

 “This has changed my life. You have your house and the next day… my family doesn’t have any clothes. I don’t know what to do.”

Jordan Gonzalez, 36, was the driver, according to the police. His family reportedly resided across the street from the home that police claim he hit, according to his neighbors.

Matthew Critten paid the entire $15,000 cost of the project and sent a crew from Cobb County to Gwinnett.

“It feels great to be able to get this family back in their home,” Critten remarked.

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New flooring and paint are available to Morales, his wife, and their three kids. The crew responsible for fixing the property had to ensure the damage outside of the bedroom was set.

It did move the home a little, but we were able to square it back up, and now the front door functions.

“It did shift the house a little bit but we were able to square it back up, now the front door works, it was just about shimmying up in the other direction,”

According to Critten. Although Morale claims he wasn’t ready for such a tragic disaster, he is grateful that he was fortunate to even in the worst circumstances.

“I love the new house. Thank you,” Morales added. Now, he wants to pay attention to ensure that his wife is recovering from her wounds and that his children are handling their emotions well. To help with costs, the family established a GoFundMe.

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