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The Post-Pandemic Personnel Situation in Counties Remains Difficult

The Post-Pandemic Personnel Situation in Counties Remains Difficult

The Post-Pandemic Personnel Situation in Counties Remains Difficult

The Director of Human Resources for Huron County recently gave a presentation to the County Council about the difficulties the county is having in both attracting new employees and keeping the ones they already have.

According to Lara Vanstone, the problem was made worse by the pandemic, but it is undeniably an employees market right now, and the county is particularly facing staff shortages in the county’s long-term homes, as well as in other health-related areas, and in the general operation of the county.

This is in addition to the fact that the county is having trouble finding people to work in other health-related areas. According to Vanstone, the reaction to this is the establishment of a people-first culture throughout the county.

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“Really when we’re recruiting we talk to our candidates about what our culture is like at the county and we really do work together to create a working environment where everyone can be their best selves,”

Vanstone shared.

The Post-Pandemic Personnel Situation in Counties Remains Difficult

She believes that the fact that they collaborate across the organization is a significant role in their success, and she says that this is something that they do. According to Vanstone, they carried out surveys in 2018 and again in 2021, and one of the primary reasons employees cited for wanting to remain employed by the county was that they felt supported in their work there.

“When ultimately you’re supported by your organization, you’re willing to take informed risks, creativity expands, there’s trust within your organization and your peers,”

Vanstone said.

Vanstone suggests that working in an atmosphere with such a strong sense of community simply makes one feel better. In addition, Vanstone emphasizes that retention is essential to the success of any organization because of the enormous cost involved in always having to replace staff and train new individuals. This presents a significant challenge for any business.

Additionally, Vanstone emphasizes that the information in her presentation is applicable to more than just the county. According to her, this is a problem that almost every employer in Huron County is going to have to deal with.

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